"Coffee and bite-sized sweets make for the perfect combination. Is it a coffee for the sake of sweets, or sweets for the sake of coffee? Being a lover of both, the relationship between the two has become rather indistinct for me.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus2053-2minä perhonen, beads Cup & Saucer for DO

When I first laid eyes on this cup & saucer, I was naturally drawn to the design. At the same time, a quiet thought crossed my mind: "The saucer is meant for sweets!" It simply couldn't be seen any other way.

_MG_2863-2-2Previously featured in an essay: 'Asakusa Cake House Takaraya’s Orange Chocolate’

20180201-_MG_9464-2-2Handmade biscotti full of nuts, the can is a product of Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten.

2015-12-25 10.40.57-2-2-1Though not placed on the saucer, paired with handmade tofu raw chocolate.

_MG_2659-2-2Garnished with sweetened beans. Japanese sweets go well with coffee too.

_DSC8581-2-2Tokado Coffee’s Coffee-Flavored Jelly from Hakata. Created with a rich flavor, paired with roasted Japanese tea (Houjicha) this time.

Looking back at the photos from the past 8 years, they are all filled with sweets. Some are so big they cannot be eaten in one bite. In my case, it might be said that sweet things are indispensable with coffee.



CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO" Original Color

Moving away from sweets and towards the vessel. The charm of this cup & saucer, designed by minä perhonen's Akira Minagawa, lies undoubtedly in its gray hue. The faded green-gray tint imparts a sophisticated yet retro impression.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus2047-2-2Gray is an original color for CLASKA Gallery & Shop "DO". Though there are inevitable variations in the glaze, it lends a unique flavor and charm.

  • Porcelain (Nagasaki Prefecture, Hasami Ware)
  • Cup diameter 5×height 5cm 100ml, Saucer width 16.5×depth 10cm
  • Microwave ○ Dishwasher ○ Oven ×

While a bit special for everyday use, when I find 'the one' bite-sized treat, I look forward to enjoying it with this dish.