Home Cafe Guide

Flowers & Greens

Discover how to integrate flowers and greenery into your space for a seamless look. Learn how to create a relaxing atmosphere with a touch of openness.
Chapter I Dried Flowers
Chapter I

Dried Flowers

The subdued hues of dried flowers bring a soft ambiance to any interior. Just by adding them to a small vase, they serve as an accent in spaces that seem a bit lacking, providing a gentle atmosphere to the room.





Choosing Flowers that Complement Your Interior

Adorning a space with flowers is akin to decorating with art. Both serve as the final, delicate touch to interior design. Whether you've moved to a new home, renovated, or simply decided to rearrange your space, once the furniture and belongings are in place, accentuating the space with art or flowers brings it all together.



Interested in adding flowers to your decor?

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Chapter II


Colored glass vases complement the shabby charm of dried flowers beautifully. Additionally, using a beaker for a scientific flair or repurposing a coffee server as a vase are unique choices that highlight the distinctiveness of a home café. We'll introduce you to these novel vase selections.





Chemex: A Transition from Coffee Brewer to Flower Vase

The Chemex coffee server is such a renowned masterpiece that it is permanently displayed in a New York museum. Our family's long-used Chemex has already been replaced with a new one. Now, it serves as a vase for displaying dried flowers. The aged handle of the Chemex and the slightly shabby atmosphere of the dried flowers complement each other very well.





Holmegaard Flora 24cm short

I really like its simple design and how easy it is to use. The narrow top makes it easy to arrange flowers neatly, and the wide base keeps it stable, even with branches. It’s always fun to think about what to display in this vase as the final touch when cleaning up the space.

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