The Fuji Royal 'Mirukko' in Horiguchi Coffee's original color is a piece you'd often see in large commercial sizes at cafes. However, this version has been conveniently downsized for domestic use. Its design, rich in retro and analog aesthetics, stirs up nostalgia for traditional coffee shops, making it more reminiscent of them than modern cafes, a quality I find deeply appealing.

From the cafenoma's YouTube channel

The original colors of Mirukko are glossy black, yellow, and red, which are quite vibrant and can stand out in our home kitchen. In contrast, Horiguchi Coffee's original colors have been chosen with Nordic furniture and tableware in mind, hence they blend well with our home and I've been using them for a long time.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus3238The "Mirukko" is considered one of the top-class products for home coffee grinders. The Horikoshi Coffee original color is a beautiful, delicately tinted ivory.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus3242The dimensions are 165mm in width, 245mm in depth, and 360mm in height, with a weight of 5kg. The hopper can hold 200g, and it can grind 250g of beans per minute. However, this grinder does not support extremely fine grinds such as those required for espresso.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus3245-2The retro-style nameplate adds to its charm. This item is extremely popular, and it's often sold out immediately after restocking.

Not only does it have a pleasing appearance, but it also boasts professional-grade performance. Its robustness, the consistency of the ground beans, and a structure that minimizes dust are testament to its functionality and design. This makes it one of the few home coffee appliances where both elements coexist.