Throughout Japan, there are countless renowned confections, but particularly familiar in the Tokai and Kansai regions is “Toraya Uiro” from Ise. Once tasted, its unforgettable deliciousness lingers. With its soft, mochi-like texture and simple sweetness, this traditional Japanese sweet is a treat to behold. Let’s dive into its allure and the best ways to enjoy it.

photo1667-2Ise’s signature sweet, Toraya Uiro. Use the accompanying small plastic knife to cut it to your preferred size. utting it into small pieces and tasting them side by side is also recommended.

Toraya Uiro offers ten staple flavors, plus seasonal varieties available throughout the year. With a range of unique flavors such as red bean, matcha, and mugwort, my personal favorites are the “Red Bean Uiro”, where you can feel the texture of the red beans, and the rich “Black Uiro”, made with Hateruma brown sugar. Both are classic choices.

photo1660-2Red Bean Uiro. The visible red bean grains highlight the simplicity and quality of its natural ingredients.

photo1665-2Experience the rich, sweet flavors of Hateruma, Okinawa with a black uiro, featuring its signature black sugar.

“Toraya Uiro” pairs wonderfully with coffee. The flavors complement each other, creating a perfect balance in your mouth. For coffee, I recommend a medium roast or darker, full-bodied blend. Our own medium roast blend at cafenoma, where we’ve been sharing about “coffee and life” for over a decade, is also worth a try.

photo1625-2At first glance, coffee and “Toraya Uiro” might seem like an unusual combination, but they pair surprisingly well. The coffee server in the center is a Minowanino 2-chome Nel Dripper (older model).

Souvenir Sweetness: Introducing Our Slightly More Durable Treats

During a recent visit to the Ise flagship store, I was excited to discover a new product designed with a bit more durability in mind. Typically, our treats come with a shelf life of about two days, but this latest innovation has managed to keep the beloved traditional flavor while tweaking the packaging to extend its freshness. Now, you can enjoy these treats for around four days—an improvement, though modest (※Please remember that this could change, so it’s always best to check in with the store for the latest information).
Choosing souvenirs can be tricky when many delicious options don’t last long, but it’s always a bonus when you find something with a slightly longer shelf life.

_DSC9230The size of the outer box fits comfortably in both hands, making it perfect for souvenirs. The tiger logo adds a touch of charm, evoking a sense of familiarity and cuteness!

_DSC9236As for flavors, you can choose from four delightful varieties: Azuki Bean Uiro, Chestnut Uiro, Cherry Blossom Anko Uiro, and Ise Green tea Anko Uiro. Each offers a unique taste of tradition.

_DSC9269Half the usual size and without any preservatives, these treats remain true to their traditional recipe. When you slice through them, you’ll notice a delightful bounce—a signature feature that makes Toraya’s uiro irresistibly unique.

Toraya’s uiro, with its subtle sweetness, might just captivate your palate with its unique texture and simple, wholesome flavor. Pair it with a cup of coffee for an exquisite taste experience you won’t forget!



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