Decorating with flowers is akin to adorning with art. Both serve as the finishing touches to interiors. When moving into a new home, renovating, or even just redecorating a room, once the furniture and belongings are in place, art and flowers often provide the final touch to the space.

Reference: "Choosing Art for Your Space: Inspired by Nigel Peake's "TICKET”

In this piece, we explore the types of flowers that best complete a room's interior, as well as the specific characteristics of flowers and vases that cafenoma’s prefers.


The Charm of Simple Wildflowers and Dried Flowers

When thinking of flowers for vases, vibrant flowers might come to mind. However, I am particularly drawn to the rustic and understated wildflowers. Vivid blooms can sometimes feel too dressed up, akin to wearing makeup for a special outing.

153-2-2Photo: The vase, a vintage piece, was purchased from a Scandinavian general store.

Recently, these wildflowers have been replaced by dried flowers. Dried flowers age gracefully, their colors maturing over time. Just having them in a room enhances the ambiance, exuding a calm, warm mood.

20180709-_MG_1130-2-2Vase: Holmegaard Flora 24cm short, clear. The flowers are dried hydrangeas, originally fresh, dried by myself.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus3175-2The aged elegance of dried flowers. The sunlit leaves create a soft contrast of light and shadow, reminiscent of a painting.

Recommended Shops for Dried Flowers

Dried flowers can be enjoyed for over half a year. The lack of daily watering and minimal maintenance are certainly advantages. However, shops that carry them can be limited. The following are shops with a vast selection that we occasionally patronize:

Hana Shichiyō
- Location: Furano, Hokkaido
- Specialty: Especially rich in hydrangeas and lavender. Online purchases available.

- Location: Inside MARINE & WALK, Yokohama
- Specialty: They also offer large and unique dried flowers.


Colored Vases are Ideal for Dried Flowers

As my collection of rustic dried flowers grew, so did my collection of colored glass vases. Pre-assembled dried flower arrangements can sometimes have stems of varying lengths. In such cases, I often bind multiple dried flowers together with hemp string. With a colored vase, the hemp string blends in seamlessly.

DSC04526-2Vase: Holmegaard Smoke H12. A sturdy and stable flower base. Multiple dried flowers are bundled together here.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus7000-2A blue vase from Actus. Actus offers a wide range of flower bases at affordable prices.

Choosing Flowers and Vases Based on Room Size

Flowers serve as the final touch to interior design. Depending on the size of the room, one should consider the type and size of both flowers and vases.

For Limited Space:

In compact spaces, branches or large flowers can feel overpowering. In these cases, consider placing small vases on tables or counters.

DSC06546-2The rich hues of dried flowers like pink lilac are especially recommended as focal points.

For Spacious Rooms:

Combine branches with large flowers for a dynamic display. Especially for large silhouette flowers like hydrangeas, which have a commanding presence. Using a vase taller than 30 cm makes it easier to arrange branches. If there's ample negative space in the background, the flowers stand out even more, akin to art.

_DSC6181-2-2The pyramid-shaped hydrangea. Even if boldly displaying just this hydrangea, it's sufficiently picturesque without any extra techniques.

_DSC7720-2-2Over time, as the color of the dried flowers settles, they seem to influence the ambiance of the space around them.

Coffee Time, the Perfect Finish to Your Interior

Flowers are meant to be admired and enjoyed. By selecting those that harmonize with the space, they seamlessly integrate into the interior. While personal preferences in flower selection might vary, there's no right answer. It's essential to find one's style and desire to create a cozy space, even if it's small.


Once you've adorned your interior with flowers, it's time to prepare some coffee. Take a deep breath, sit back on your sofa or chair, and indulge in a blissful coffee break.

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