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May 5, 2024 4:11:36 PM

avatar_talk_karikomiToday, I'd like you to tell us that story about coffee and hotels back when you were a cabin crew member. The one that really makes us appreciate coffee.


avatar_talk_yubaThere were times when I would spend ten nights a month at a hotel. Many of the hotels where I stayed didn't have windows that opened. The air didn't circulate, and many of the rooms felt somewhat suffocating... Coffee was very helpful in remedying that situation.


Filling the Room with the Scent of Coffee



avatar_talk_yubaI always brought tools to brew coffee on my flights. Coffee, a small pot, and an enamel mug. The first thing I would do when I got to a hotel was brew coffee. Doing so would completely transform the atmosphere in the room. There was something about the scent of coffee that counteracted negative elements.


avatar_talk_yubaOnce the scent of coffee filled the room, it would make a stifling room with no airflow feel somewhat transformed.


Inviting Sleep Like Aroma Therapy



avatar_talk_yubaWhen I had a flight to Europe, I would stay awake for twenty hours from the start of my shift. I would have liked to go to bed immediately upon entering my room, but strangely, I would always make coffee first.
However, I often found myself satisfied by the mere aroma of the coffee after brewing it, and I would go to sleep without drinking it.


avatar_talk_karikomiLike an aroma therapy for sleep.


avatar_talk_yubaExactly. I was somehow disturbed by that air…
In Japan, I could change my mood by going to a café, but this wasn't always possible when arriving overseas at night. So, I would brew coffee and let the aroma fill the room... The purpose was to fill the room with scent by brewing coffee.


avatar_talk_karikomiSo it's the aroma that matters when it comes to coffee?


avatar_talk_yubaFilling the room with aroma actually accounts for more than half of the purpose of brewing coffee in my daily life.

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