In our "Daily Essentials" series, we highlight the tools we cherish at cafenoma. Today, we're showcasing the Chemex, revered for its elegance and practicality. Interestingly, we're not talking about using it as a coffee brewer, but instead, we're focusing on its secondary life as a flower vase.

-062-The Chemex coffee brewer is the brainchild of scientist and coffee aficionado, Dr. Peter Schlumbohm. Its minimalist yet functional design has won hearts globally, and it even had the honor of being exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

photo1060Even the weathered wood handle and the worn leather cord seem to enhance the Chemex's allure.

Our first Chemex, after years of faithful service brewing coffee, has now found a new purpose as a flower vase. Its clear glass body is an excellent backdrop for any type of flowers, subtly enhancing their beauty. And since it was designed as a table piece in the first place, it effortlessly fits in with any interior decor when set on a table.

photo1058-2Thanks to its slender, hourglass shape, it's a breeze to arrange flowers in it casually, adding a touch of elegance.


Finding another coffee brewer that can double as a vase like the Chemex is a tall order. It might be a humble coffee brewer in function, but as a piece of tableware, it truly stands apart.