The DANSK 13cm saucepan can be left out in the kitchen and still look great. Its overall rounded shape, wooden handle, and smoky yellow color are adorable and eye-catching. However, it is in fact a pot that stands out for its utility more than its appearance.

photo1189The DANSK 13cm saucepan, which combines beauty and practicality, is a masterpiece designed by Jens Quistgaard, a Copenhagen-born designer inspired by medieval Danish aesthetics, for DANSK after moving to the United States. The lid can be used as a trivet.

photo1219Thanks to the slightly narrowed trapezoidal rim, boiling water is less likely to overflow.

CaputureOne0349It can be used as a milk pan. Weighing about 500g, it is easy to hold with one hand.

DSC00912The handle stays at room temperature even when heated, making it easy to handle! It is ideal for 2-3 servings of miso soup, soup, etc. The compact size that fits neatly into the refrigerator is a plus.

Not only is it visually beautiful, but the DANSK saucepan is also excellent in terms of usability. It's a pot that you'll want to pick up and use over and over again, and it feels like it becomes more familiar the more you use it.