The clock 'The Quad' from NEW GATE, UK, has become an indispensable part of our living room. Actually, I had a lot of difficulty deciding which clock to purchase before I settled on this one.


From cafenoma's YouTube channel

I was contemplating for a long time whether to go for 'The Quad', with its streamlined design that blends into the living room, or a clock with a round and gentle atmosphere.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus2474This is the smaller M size one (40cm x 40cm)

What finally decided it for me was the uniformity I saw in the silver steel material of the clock's edge; it seemed as if it was matched with the same material as the refrigerator and range hood in the same space.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus2509The reasons I chose 'The Quad' were its beauty, simplicity, and above all, its presence. I was also attracted to its good visibility and the retro feel of the numbers and hands.

_BasicNeedofLifePlus2483The dial of 'The Quad', with its retro font, is striking.

'The Quad', with its simple and timeless design blended with a retro atmosphere, serves to connect space and time and has become an essential part of our living room.