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Everything Happens to Me

By in Music

It snowed in Yokohama, so introduce this album. The snow scene on the cover is very impressive.
Although it is a picture of coffee that I always take, I am trying to take pictures that tranquility will be transmitted from photographs than delicious pictures. Think carefully like taking a still life picture. I am trying to take picturesque pictures that I would like to decorate in my room. Just like the cover of this album.



BGMのように聴き流がしたい 95
カフェにいる気分になれる 70
コーヒーを飲みながら聴きたい 85
元気を出したい 50
Overall 75

曲名:Everything Happens to Me アルバム:Flight to Denmark アーティスト: デューク・ジョーダン リリース: 1974年 レーベル: SteepleChase Records ジャンル: ジャズ

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