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  • Boplicity


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  • It Never Entered My Mind


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  • Hullo Bolinas


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  • I’m In Love Again

    このアルバムは、ラッセルマローン(russell malone)のギターが目当てで聴いてます。すばらしい。

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  • Everything Happens to Me

    I am trying to take pictures that tranquility will be transmitted from photographs than delicious pictures. Just like the cover of this album.


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  • Everytime We Say Goodbye

    I prefer a simple way of singing like speaking to me more than singing songs uprightly. Like Coltrane or Chet Baker, you may want to listen to the style of performing in a trumpet or saxophone style.


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  • Skating in Central Park

    In winter, mature jazzmania who skates while listening to this song must be surely.


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  • Monicas Vals

    Thanks to this song, even if I do not understand the meaning, I heard the difference between Swedish and other Northern European countries · · · I was listening often when I was a student.


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